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Author: Roland Koebler (rk at simple-is-better dot org)
Date: 2012-03-02

Although this is not an official JSON-RPC page, it is intended to be an up-to-date summary of all relevant information about JSON-RPC. Please tell me if there is some information missing, if an implementation is not listed etc.

1   Mailinglist

The JSON-RPC Working Group has a mailinglist, in which all topics of and around the protocol are discussed.

Feel free to join the list.

2   Specifications

JSON-RPC is a lightweight remote procedure call protocol. It's designed to be simple!

2.1   JSON-RPC 2.0


Working Drafts:

  • JSON-RPC transports (JSON-RPC over HTTP/TCP/netstrings/...)

    JSON-RPC does not depend on any specific transport. Any transport should be possible. As "rule-of-thumb": simply tunnel JSON-RPC through your desired transport.

    Nevertheless, here are some recommendations how to use JSON-RPC over some commonly-used transports.

  • Service Description / Introspection

  • JSON DateTime format

  • JSON-RPC - HTTP REST conversion

  • attachments

  • UBJSON-RPC ("Binary JSON RPC")

  • ...

Application Notes:

2.2   JSON-RPC 1.0

3   Implementations

A list of implementations can also be found at:

Language JSON-RPC Version Name License Code Example Link Description

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