simple is better

Keeping things simple (and independent) is very important in my opinion. But since it is often faster (at the beginning), and especially needs much less thinking and experience to make things unnecessarily complex, that's unfortunately what most people do...

So, the purpose of this site is to show some "simple alternatives"—or at least some "things", where I tried hard to (a) keep them simple and (b) split them into independent parts.

If you need commercial support, commercial special developments, products following this simple-is-better-philosophy, or are interested in automatization products and/or the Raspberry Pi, please visit the website of my company Advamation.


  • RPC (Remote Procedure Call)
  • Template-Engines
    • template-engines - thoughts, comparisons and benchmarks
    • pyratemp - a small, simple and pythonic template-engine for Python
  • pyra-framework - an extremely lightweight Python-web-application-framework
  • graphical user-interfaces
  • OpenCV
  • simple-mailinglist - a simple but extensible mailinglist-script without bells and whistles
  • esodebug - an IDE / IDE-framework / debugger for esoteric programming languages
    (currently: Brainfuck/Ook!/Facefuck, FALSE, Befunge-93, Whitespace)
  • embdoc - use reST to completely document your sourcecode in comments/docstrings, and automatically generate HTML-pages as documentation.
  • static wiki - a small, simple wiki, which creates static webpages
  • pic2html - a gallery-generator using pyratemp
  • ...